Tips to Use When Moving in Wet Weather

There is a superstition that moving on a rainy day brings bad luck. While you do not cursed with bad luck after you have moved in the rain, however rain does makes moving a bit harder and more stressful on the day.

Let’s face it, light rain isn’t the problem here, we are talking about those days when it just wants to pour down in buckets. It’s not always easy to get a removalist to do the right things when the weather is poor. There can be some mess involved if the weather is wet.

Thankfully though, you can actually prevent some of this chaos by doing the following things Vic Palmer Removals & Storage suggests, so you can move move smoothly.

Weather Proof Your Boxes

If you are moving in wet weather, you probably don’t want soggy boxes. That’s why if you want to move in this season, the best thing to do is use plastic boxes instead of cardboard ones.

This may require asking friends to borrow their plastic storage containers and even buy some yourself. You can use packing tape to secure the lids. This will ensure that your heavier items don’t get put down in a puddle and then just fall out of the bottom of the soggy box.

If you do not have money for plastic containers, you can always put a layer of packing tape on the bottom of the boxes. This will also serve to be a protective barrier just in case the bottom of the box gets a little damp. If the box is small, you could put them into garbage bags and then tape it up. 

Prevent Potential Water Damage to Unboxed Belongings

The closer the truck can park to your home, the less time your furniture will be in the rain. Try and arrange parking for the truck in your driveway or directly out the front on your street so the movers have a short walk.

All heavy furniture, particularly if there is leather or upholstery to consider, could be covered by tarps, plastic wrap and/or blankets depending on heavy the downpour.

Your removalists team should come with a truck full of protective padded blankets to wrap your furniture items in to prevent damage, scratches and water marks.

Artwork is particularly vulnerable to the spoils of moisture. If you have purchased specialty moving boxes for your art collection you are most of the way there, but you may like to add some more plastic and packing tape. Also wrapped in tarps or blanklets for transit.

Mattresses are often the biggest challenge. If they get damp or the damp seeps deep you could end up with a mold issue later down the track. If you can cover them with plastic and tarpaulins and blankets you should be okay. As removalists will ensure that each mattress has a dry surface to rest on inside the moving truck.

It could be a good idea to have your heaters, hairdryers and fans to be easily accessible in the event you need to dry items immediately on arrival, that is if you have remembered to connect your utilities at your new residence already.

Be Prepared for Things to Move Slower and Take Longer

This includes everything, the packing, the moving of your belongings, and the traffic will be slower. Additionally, there is the possibility that your removalists could be running behind schedule from the last wet weather move job before yours.

Plan and Sort Your Load

Making use of either a garage or large room close to the entry of the dwelling to; sort items that are most important to keep dry, items that should be loaded first, and then you can form your priority list from there.

If your load is grouped and you have a plan then may help with speeding up loading of the moving truck when (or if) the weather breaks.

Protect Your Home

Have a door mat where the removalists can wipe and dry their soles of their shoes before entering your residence.

Line entry ways with muddy boot stoppers such as plastic groundsheets, tarps, or collapsed cardboard boxes to prevent damaging your new flooring. This is particularly important if the floor is polished wood or carpet. If you can, tape it all down so it doesn’t create a trip-hazard.

It is not a good idea to use tarp or plastic groundsheeting in the walkways of the homes as it can get slippery and become a safety issues for the removalists.

However, you can get the removalists to put the boxes down on the plastic groundsheets/ tarps that you will lay out at your new location.

When it comes down to moving day if you have the truck booked, your lease is up or settlement has gone through you have to move no matter what the weather is doing.

At Vic Palmer Removals & Storage a little rain doesn’t stop us, we’ll still turn up at your door ready to go.

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