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If you are moving to or from a home in Brisbane, or needing storage, the Vic Palmer Removals & Storage family are here to take the stress out of your move and to give you some peace of mind. Family owned and operated with more than 33 years of experience as your Brisbane removalist and storage facility, we know exactly what is needed to get the job done right and at a competitive price. We regularly service all areas of Brisbane’s Southside, Brisbane’s Northside and Brisbane’s east and west, The Gold Coast down to Coffs Harbour, out to Toowoomba and up to Bundaberg. We also go further if you need us to. We specialise in the removal and transport of household and office items including fragile items and our team will take the utmost care of your belongings during the move. We are one of the most recommended, experienced and simply the best local removalists Brisbane has to offer.
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Brisbane Removalists For House Moves

When moving day is upon you and it’s time to get out of the old and settle into your new house, you can rely on Vic Palmer’s Brisbane removalist services to take the stress out of moving. Whether you are relocating from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, a long distance move, to a new house down the street, or even just from one room or floor to another, you can rely on us for your next move.

Why Choose Us For Brisbane Removals?

When you’re looking for a removalist in Brisbane, the name Vic Palmer Removals is certain to come up. With over a quarter of a century of experience helping the Brisbane and greater Queensland communities with their moving needs, we are the company that locals know and trust for local Brisbane removals and Moving Services across the country. We offer everything you need for your move, from removal, pre-packing, to moving boxes and an industry leading storage facility to keep your belongings safe, and to save you money by not double handling your goods. As your removalist company, our customer service representatives will take great care to make sure everything goes smoothly for you and your family.

Book Your Brisbane Removals Today

If you’ve purchased or leased your new home and moving day is quickly approaching there is no need to stress. Requesting a quote with our removal company is fast and easy through our website. Just hop on, fill out the form and we will get back to you with an obligation FREE removals quote ASAP! Then if you are happy with your quote, booking is easy. Our highly trained and experienced team specialises in Brisbane removals and will be there to make sure that all of your belongings reach their destination safe and sound. Not moving into a new home or office straight away and need your goods stored for a while? We aren’t just the best removalists in Brisbane, we also offer excellent storage solutions that won’t break the bank.

  • 5 star review  Saved our day, our original booked removalist didn't show and Vic asked his boys if they wouldn't mind doing a third job of the day. They were the most polite men, did an awesome job, highly reccomend, use this company.

    thumb Joanne Revelly

    5 star review  It was a great experience to be a customer of Vic Palmer removals. The whole process was fantastic from initial contact to watching my worldly goods head down the road. The level of service from everyone I dealt with was sensational. The boys where right on time and when they rolled up had a look, gave me an idea on how long it would take and then absolutely ripped in. A stressful process for me was made easy. I can’t say thank you enough to the whole team. I know who I will use next time and don’t have an issue recommending them to any of my friend A+. Thanks Guys

    thumb Chris Taylor

    5 star review  OUTSTANDING service and professionalism from this team from booking through to finish today! First time I've ever been able to say I enjoyed the move :) Highly recommended thank you to your team what a great bunch of people.

    thumb S W
  • 5 star review  Excellent! Vic Palmer Removals have moved us on a number of occasions. In addition they moved my elderly mother. Each and every time, they have been professional, courteous, respectful and on time. Their price is very fair. I would have no hesitation in recommending Vic Palmer Removals to anyone. Thank you Andrew and Brent, Mike and Joe

    thumb John Tiley

    5 star review  I wish to thank you and the two men (David and Brett if think) you sent to help us move on the 12th August in Canungra.  My husband and I were extremely happy with the service David and Brett gave us.  Nothing was a problem for them and they were courteous and happy doing their job.  We have nothing but praise for their work ethics.  They are certainly a good advertisement for your company. The company's pricing was very reasonable. We would certainly recommend your company to anyone.

    thumb John King

    5 star review  Used Vic & his team for a move that needed to be done ASAP. Everyone i spoke with were very cooperative & pleasant when discussing my requirements. Brent & Joe were great come removal time & all care was taken in a prompt job. Would have no drama recommending them. Cheers

    thumb Scott Davies

The Best Removalists In Brisbane

It’s no secret that we are one of the most trusted removalists in Brisbane and we don’t want it to be. Whether you are moving out of Brisbane City to another area of Queensland or NSW or simply down the street, you can rely on our excellent moving service to get the job done. Call us today to get a free quote for your local or interstate removals or inquire about our various removal services. We also offer top quality storage solutions if you just need a place to store all your belongings or have run out of room in the garage.

Removalist Brisbane FAQ’s

Should I disassemble furniture before moving?

If you need a hand to disassemble some furniture items on the day of removal then we can do this for you, and then reassemble the items in your new home or office. The type of items that need to be disassembled, are weak furniture items that may collapse during transit or items that will not fit through doorways or around tight corners and hallways such as bed bases and extra large bookshelves. If you have booked our removalist Brisbane moving service to be charged at the hourly rate and you wish to save time and therefore money by dismantling these items yourself, be sure you’re ready for the day, make sure the furniture is broken down before we arrive. Most items do not need to be pulled apart. So if you are in doubt about any pieces of furniture please give us a call on 1300 138 851 and we can advise you. Generally, removalists in Brisbane will not transport your pot plants, but we are happy to.

How do I prepare for removalists?

There are many ways you can prepare your home or business for removalists. You want the job to be completed in a fast and efficient way to get the most out of two men for the day. Here is a list of things we think will help:
  1. We highly recommend that you write on each box. You should mark on the boxes which room they belong to, what is in the box, and if the items in the box are heavy or fragile. Having clearly labeled boxes will make the move, as well as unpacking so much easier. If the items in the box are fragile then it is a good idea to also write the words “top load” on the box so the removalist knows not to stack anything heavy on the box and to keep it up high in the truck.
  2. If you have the time you can create an itemised list of all important items and what box or storage container they are in. This will help when you are all moved into your new house, apartment or office. Having everything left in its right place by the removalists or moving company saves you valuable time and energy.
  3. Safely pack away all important and fragile items into sturdy packing boxes and secure them with proper tape. Take care to purchase quality moving boxes as well as proper packing materials as they are designed specifically for this task. If you need packaging from a removalists in Brisbane, we can sell or loan you the boxes, and we sell the packaging materials also.
  4. Separate out your essentials items in marked boxes and suitcases etc.. Especially if you are leaving all of the packing to us, the professional removalists. You want to have your essentials set aside and accessible such as toiletries, clothing, car keys etc.
  5. Get rid of what you don’t want or need. There is simply no better time to get rid of unneeded items and clutter then when moving into a new home or office. Think about getting rid of damaged furniture items or maybe it’s time to sell that old pool table or piano. As difficult as it may be to choose what stays and what goes, you should definitely use this opportunity to decide what goes into storage, what you sell or dispose of and what makes it into your new place of residence. What is best moving into the garbage as opposed to your bedroom, house, apartment or home office? Making this decision is a tough job, moving always is, but the earlier you make it the easier the moving process will be. You want everything streamlined when Vic Palmer’s removals company arrives.
  6. Keep important items and documents such as passports and banking information safely with you or in a clearly marked box during your move.
  7. We include free transit insurance for all our customers. This is a question we would highly recommend you ask when you are shopping around for a removalist.

How much do removalists cost in Brisbane?

The cost of hiring removalists in Brisbane QLD will vary depending on a few factors:
  1. The size of the home, business or storage unit you are moving from and to. If it is a multi-storey house, or an upstairs apartment or flat, it will take longer to complete the removal and/or drop off.
  2. The distance between the pickup and destination. If you are only moving within Brisbane QLD, it will be a different price than moving to another city.
  3. Removalists in Brisbane can charge a different rate for each day of the week. They usually charge more as the week goes on and the most expensive days are the weekend. We charge the same rate for all weekdays and only a little bit more on the weekends.
  4. 2 men and a truck is the most commonly used service for moving an average home or office. However we can provide as many men or trucks needed to get the job done in good time.

Where do I start when moving house?

Moving your house or business can be a daunting task, so it’s important to know where to start and what to do in order to be ready for the removalist.
  1. It’s best to start with deciding what is going with you, what goes to storage and what to get rid of. Begin by going room by room and deciding what is going where and remove all items that are going into the bin.
  2. Make sure you have plenty of proper boxes, packaging paper, good quality tape and marker pens on hand. Do your best to calculate how many you will need and what sizes before you go out and buy them. Remembering that your heavy or fragile items need to go in small boxes and your bulkier lighter items in to large boxes. As you pack your things away you want to know what’s in which box and where each box goes in its final destination.
  3. If you live in a multi-storey house or townhouse, start at the top floor and work your way down floor by floor. If you live in a single storey house or apartment, then start from the back and work your way to the front.
  4. Keep all boxes that are going in the same room together and make sure to label them as such.
  5. Organise quotes from removalists in Brisbane. It is good to contact us for a quote 2 to 4 weeks prior to your removal date, however we can accomodate a move at short notice if we have availability at that time.
  6. If you are pre-packing the boxes yourself, make sure that most things are packed, ready and organised at least 24 hours before your our removalist service is due to arrive. I should definitely use this period to create a strategy for the move and be 100% ready for action on the day of the move.
  7. If your move will require multiple days, you want to plan what goes to your new place of residence first and what comes on other days.
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