How to Flawlessly Pack Moving Boxes

When you’re moving, it’s essential to pack your belongings securely into moving boxes. This will help to guarantee that they don’t get damaged during the move and are also easy to unbox when you reach your new home or office.

We at Vic Palmer Removals & Storage strongly suggest testing out all your boxes before using them to pack up your home or office to ensure they are durable enough. Otherwise, there may be damages to your belongings if the moving boxes are in bad condition.

A strong box has to hold and support whatever is placed in it. It should be rigid, have no tears, rips, damage on the corners or punctures. Better safe than sorry.

Here is how to flawlessly pack your boxes when moving house or office spaces:

Seal boxes effectively once packed

Items should not stick out of the top in order to prevent damages. In addition, open-topped boxes are not stackable. Once you’ve finished filling them to bim (don’t overfill!) it’s time to seal them.

It is necessary to make certain that all your moving boxes are sealed effectively once packed. When sealing your boxes closed, you should always use the proper method.

We at Vic Palmer Removals & Storage recommend using the H-tape method which is called that because once done, the tape on the both top and bottom of box will look like a capital letter “H”.

Seal boxes effectively by making sure the cardboard flaps are close together before sealing and then don’t be stingey with the packing tape, ensure nothing can get in or out of the box without a box cutter.

If you do these things you can ensure that items packed remain safety inside the box during the move or in storage.

Reinforce boxes

Use several strips of tape to reinforce all the corners and bottom side of every box. This is vital particularly for those moving boxes that have actually been used in a prior move or are damaged on the bottom end. By reinforcing boxes the belongings in the box will not fall through the bottom end during transit.

Do this by making sure the cardboard flaps are close together before sealing, then tape down the long, horizontal side of the box. We recommend that you tape about halfway over the side of the box for extra support. Do the same taping again, for more protection.

Of course, then tape both sides of the shorter vertical sides of the box, for extra support (completing the H-tape method).

Clearly label each box.

Label each box clearly with which room it belongs to. Write on the sides of the box as well, so that the instruction is visible even when the boxes are stacked. Remember to also label boxes ‘fragile’ if it’s contents can easily be broken e.g. glassware.

Pack heaviest items first

When packing sure that the heaviest of your belongings are at the bottom of the boxes and while the lighter ones on top e.g. towels or soft toys. This is to avoid exertion of uneven pressure that could cause boxes to tear while they are being carried.

Pack bigger boxes with lighter items

they can be too heavy to move otherwise. We’ve encountered immovable giant boxes full to the brim with heavy items like books. To avoid this, you want to make sure heavy items are packed in smaller boxes, so the weight remains manageable for yourself and Removalists.

Wrap fragile items before boxing

Use plenty of bubble wrap or newspapers when packing fragile items. Removalists will handle the boxes with care, but the items may still bump around inside the moving box while in transit if not well-padded.

Don’t just throw items into boxes

It makes no sense packing small things like jewelry and screws in boxes loosely. First you need to organise small items into categories and then you can wrap them in paper or tiny plastic bags while keeping like items together. Then you can put them in a tin, which then can be placed in a box.

Garments should not be packed into boxes, but into suitcases instead. Doing this for small things is an assurance of safety, clothing will less likely to smell musky, and metallic items from rusting or obtaining scrapes. Pack with purpose.

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