Moving Help: Friends vs Professional Removalists

Everyone knows that moving costs add up fast. Many people try to keep their costs down and ask their friends or family to help moving them instead. It seems like it will help keep costs down by not hiring professional removalists.

However, this is not always a good idea; what you save can be lost in other ways. And you can run into a range of different problems.

We from Vic Palmer Removals & Storage have put together a list of some of the problems the can happen when friends are your only removalists

Unpaid Helpers with No Moving Equipment and Training

Your friends are not getting paid to help you move, they have to use their day off to help. That means they may not show up if they get a better offer e.g. extra shift to make money, or if they have other more urgent family business to attend to.

Also they can let you know their not coming til the very last minute. Which leaves you stranded with a lot of boxes and furniture, with no one to load it, even if you hired a truck yourself. These things happen more than you think it does.

While professional removalists are running a business, so they are not going to leave you high and dry without the kind of help you need.

Even though they charge for their services, it is far better to hire someone you can trust and who knows how to do the job at this end and at your destination as well.

You need to have a licence and experience to drive a hire truck. If your friends offer the use of their ute or one-tonner remember it probably won’t have a roof. What if moving day dawns and it is teeming rain? Even a light shower can ruin furniture and bedding.

Friends may be willing to help load furniture into a hired truck, but will they really want help unload at the other end?

Have your friends had experience in packing and stacking furniture? If it is not packed into a truck to distribute weight properly, the whole vehicle can become unstable and a possible crash around a tight corner is likely. Or the furniture may move and become scratched or broken.

While professional removalists are trained professionals in packing and transporting the contents of a home. They have the equipment and training to safely and securely transport even the most delicate items.

Not Covered by Insurance

Having furniture or treasured belongings damaged can cost a great deal with no insurance coverage. Your household insurance policy unfortunately does not cover damage to your belongings during transit.

You could take out transit insurance, but that means an additional cost, which most removalists already include in their quote. With full insurance coverage that comes with professional removalists you are rest assured that in the unlikely event of damage to any item, you will be fully compensated.

Do your friends have training in how to lift properly?
If they put their back out and lose work due to injury from lifting your belongings you will certainly feel bad about it. Also, depending on how close of friends you are, they may ask you to pay for their medical costs – or good forbid sue you. The back injuries caused by heavy lifting can be found on the Health Direct website.

While professional removalists have the training and equipment required to protect themselves from injury during the moving process. You will also be covered by the business’s medical insurance policy in the event of injury to an employee.

It Will Take Longer

Moving home with the help of your friends will take significantly longer to organise than it would with a professional mover. It will also take longer to pack all your belongings, securely load them onto the truck/van, and then safely unload them at your new home. Not to mention the time it will take to unpack everything.

Will you need to take some time off work to be able to move to your new home? If so, are you a casual worker who has no personal or annual leave? If so, the extra time will end up costing you through lost of wages.

All these things should be taken into consideration when you have to move.

When you hire professional removalists these issues will not become a problem. By hiring professionals you can help eliminate stress and be provided a smoother moving experience.

As professional removalists are paid to: take care of the heavy lifting, provide the staff required to move everything, provide professional moving equipment, and use their training to ensure that your belongings are moved safely and securely.

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Moving can be stressful especially when you don’t have another hand to help in packing up for the move.

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